S A C Real Deal 7809

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S A C Real Deal 7809

DOB:  02/16/2017
AAA:  +19098507
  • S A C Real Deal 7809 is everything his name implies - he is the "REAL DEAL". He possesses strong phenotype, performance, EPDs, pedigree and cow family strength.  

  • He is one of RENOWN'S best sons to date and has earned the potential beyond the breeding pasture. 

  • His length, muscle, soundness and unmistakable Herd Bull presence made him an early favorite.

  • He has enough calving ease to work on heifers and earned a 205-day weaning ratio of 85 


  • His perfect uddered DAM (S A V Madame Pride 9803) is a model in efficiency.

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$25.00 / unit

$15.00 / 100 + units

$25.00 / certificates




DAM:  S A V Madame Pride 9803
DOB:  01/01/2009
AAA:  +*16394717 
  • This powerful and prolific producer served as a 7th consecutive generation S A V Madame Pride Donor.

  • Her outstanding first 4 progeny in Schaff Angus Valley sales averaged $17,652.  

  • Her iconic Grand Dam S A V Madame Pride 0075, has generated $2,544,000 in progeny sales to date; becoming the 2nd top income producing cow is Schaff Angus Valley history. 

  • Her legendary third DAM is the one-time selling $97,500 record selling  S A V cow.

  • Her Famous DAM (S A V Madame Pride 5290) has generated $808,250 in progeny sales to date and she is the maternal sister to S A V Registry 2831.

Maternal Brothers to S A C Real Deal 7809
   S A V Surge 7867
   S A V Standout 7866
SIRE:  S A V Renown 3439
DOB:  01/07/2013
AAA:  +*17633839
Sired Brothers to S A C Real Deal 7809
   S A V Thrive 5054
   S A V Renovation 6822
  • Renown is the $175,000 lead-off bull from the 2014 SAV Sale and has taken center stage as one of the most popular, respected and highly sought after sires in the Angus world.   

  • He awards his progeny with phenotype, quality, structural balance, growth, muscle, performance and docility.

  • His legendary DAM (S A V Blackcap May 4136) is the Angus breeds most influential genetic contributor and all-time top income producing cow, generating an astounding $8.5 million in progeny sales on 174 direct sons.

  • Renown is the result of the same proven and predictable mating that created Recharge & Resource and many other great young cows in the SAV program.

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