S A V America 8018

Was the lead off President son at the 2019 Schaff Angus Valley sale. Extra thick and loaded with muscle shape and dimension.  His wide pin set, exceptional depth of body and overall mass made him a crowd favorite.

S A V Emblem 8074

His mother, SAV Emblynette 2369 is a favorite of our herd.  She has generated over $1,000,000 in progeny sales to date.  Use Emblem to add length, beautiful front and soundness to your program.

S A V Downpour 8794

Possesses the extra muscle and performance of Rainfall while offering more moderation. He hails from the herd bull-making SAV Made Pride 4407 cow that is becoming well known for producing performance sires with maternal strength.



Thank you for visiting the BLACK LINE ANGUS website!  Our Registered Angus program is located In the Seward, NE area.  We also run Commercial breeding stock in Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas.  

Our Angus herd began in the early ‘80s from an over-grown 4-H project. It started with the purchase of one show heifer which grew to the current herd of 175 Registered Angus cows.

The main goal of our herd is to produce bulls for the commercial cattlemen. Our herd pedigrees contain many of the top herd sires within the Angus breed. Artificial insemination has been used heavily. Sires have been selected based on balanced EPD’s and visual evaluation of structural soundness and eye appeal. 

Thank you for checking our website out. Please feel free to contacts us for your Angus bull and female needs.


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(#17389485) - D 809 Eileenmere Z2151

Born: 3/19/2012

Sire: KLC Iron Man 809

Dam Sire: LCC Starship H110L

D 809 Eileenmere Z2151 is one of the new and bright shining stars at BLA.  She is a very unique blending of superior phenotype and enhanced EPD's making her one of the unique donors in the nation.  

(#18009827) - D 7212 Lauren B4188

Born: 3/16/2014

Sire: Connealy Final Product

Dam Sire: S R S New Deal 4860L

D 7212 Lauren B4188 is, without question, one of the finest females in the Angus breed. She has one of the most intriguing and sensational pedigrees from the standpoint of individuality and performance to be found anywhere in the Angus breed today. 

(#17653292) - D 941 Miss Isabel A3147

Born: 3/6/2013

Sire: D L S Next Instinct

Dam Sire: Young Dale Krugerrand 2H

D 941 Miss Isabel A3147 is a power house individual with one of the most unique pedigrees of any female in the breed, combining moderate birth, exceptional growth and explosive dollar beef.






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