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Black Line Angus has been providing Angus seed stock for both purebred & commercial breeders throughout the United States for over 30 years.  We are a family operation based in beautiful southeastern Nebraska.  Our production cow herds run in both Nebraska and Oklahoma and our commercial herds graze Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.

Our collective herds have always been heavily culled for productivity traits, and are managed to provide stock to our customers that will increase their profitability!  Through the years, we have used a large variety of industry leading sires in our extensive breeding program to enable top quality Angus cattle.  This has allowed us a wide base of genetics from which to draw as we select our animals for sale and for replacements.  Our top breeding stocks management strategy dictates that our cowherds become highly UNIFORM, FERTILE & FUNCTIONAL!  All these factors allow for our customers to add significant VALUE to their programs.

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