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Thank you for visiting Black line Angus.  We appreciate your interest and support.  Please fill in the table below to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.  We will be back in touch with you shortly.  Underneath the contact table are commonly asked questions we receive regarding Black Line Angus services.  Scroll through and perhaps some of your questions may be answered with an immediate solution.

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Where Is Black Line Angus Located?

Black Line Angus is based in southeastern, Nebraska.  We currently run our production herds in Nebraska as well as Oklahoma.  Our Commercial Herds graze Texas, Oklahoma & Nebraska.

Where Can I View Cattle For Sale?

All of our available Production Bulls & Females are able to be viewed at our home location in southeastern Nebraska.  It is possible some may be viewed in Oklahoma depending on where the animal is at the time.  Our Commercial Herd Sales are available for viewing in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.  All sales will be posted on the “sales” portion of this website and locations of viewings will be specified within their listing.

What Is Your Guarantee On The Bulls?

If a bull is injured at any time in the 12 months following the sale so as to make them functionally infertile, we will provide you with a satisfactory replacement (if available), or issue you a credit equal to the bull’s purchase price minus the salvage value received for that bull. If a female is determined to be a non-breeder, then we would ask you to sell her and would offer you the difference of her purchase price minus the salvage value as a credit in any future GAR sale. All credit is good until it is used and does not expire. We would simply ask you to contact us before you cull your infertile animal.

Do You Lease Bulls?

Yes, leasing Bulls is an option.  Please contact us for pricing and delivery.

Do you Sell Commercial Cattle?

Yes. Commercial Bulls are able to be purchased if some are selected and chosen to be put into our Bull program at cutting time.  We do sell Commercial females, both bred and open from our Commercial Herd locations in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.  When we currently have Commercial females available, they will be listed within the ‘Sales’ portion of this website.

Employment At Black Line Angus?

Custom or Full Care situations are always entertained within the Commercial Herds of Black Line Angus.  If you are interested in managing a Commercial Herd of ours, please contact us within the ‘CONTACT’ table of this website, or email us directly at  Ranch Managers and Ground Workers will be listed when we are hiring for those positions.  You are welcome to send credentials to us for filing until opportunities are made available by emailing us at

How Can I Call Black Line Angus?

Black Line Angus, can be reached by phone at this number: (972) 861-2120

How Can I Custom Care Additional Commercial Herds For Black Line?

Yes.  We are always interested in adding herds to our Commercial Cattle Operation.  We are also interested in adding Production Herds if our needs are met within that criteria.  If this is something you are interested in, please use the contact portion of this website to extend a message to us and someone will be back with you shortly.  You can also email us directly by contacting us at